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Above All Roofs Inc. Inc. is the leading chimney sweeping company in Thornhill. With years of experience, we’ve developed a strong reputation for our quality work, fair prices, and top-tier customer service. Trusted, tested, and licensed: We are the team that will restore your chimney and ensure your satisfaction.

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Quality Cleans from the Chimney Experts

Our team possesses the talent, training, and expertise to deliver best-in-class results for your chimney. Soot, creosote, dirt, and dust are no match against our quality cleans.

To ensure the effectiveness of our chimney services, we put your chimney through a rigorous pre- and post-inspection process. We check for all signs of buildup before, during, and after sweeping it out. That way, we can have your chimney back to performing like brand-new.

The Benefits of Our Chimney Sweeping Services

Why choose Above All Roofs Inc. Inc. for chimney sweeping? It’s because we promise to give you a high return on investment with countless benefits. We’ll give you a better-working chimney, a better-protected home, and a superior standard of service.

With our services, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Less Energy Waste: We develop comprehensive solutions to clean your chimney and optimize its performance. By doing so, we help you not only enjoy your chimney to the fullest but also maximize your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Prevent Fire Damage: Chimney sweeping is essential to a fireplace’s safety. As licensed professionals, we work with the utmost diligence to ensure your chimney is clean and safe to use. Choose us, and you’ll protect your home from fire damage, and you’ll extend the life of your chimney.
  • Save Money: Our services are a stellar chance to save money in the long run. We help you lower your energy bill, prevent future repair issues, and enjoy your fireplace to the fullest. Plus, we use low-cost pricing solutions to save you even more money. Talk about smart.

How Often Should You Sweep Your Chimney?

Generally speaking, you’ll want your chimney cleaned whenever it has about 1/8’’ of soot buildup. Of course, that time frame will vary from person to person. It depends on how much you use your chimney, the firewood, and several other factors.

You should have your chimney inspected once per year. From there, we can assess how much soot you have and how frequently you’ll need it cleaned. Even if you don’t use your chimney very often, it is vital to have it inspected every year because, if left unchecked, dirt, twigs, and wildlife could find their way into your chimney.

The best time to clean your chimney is just before the cold sets in. Late summer or early fall is a good choice. That way, you’ll have the fireplace ready to roar all winter long.

Above All Roofs Inc. Inc.: Thornhill’s Top Chimney Sweepers

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